Water damage repairs may not exactly be as easy as a lot of people may think. Water damage can include the more common concerns such as a water pipes breaking, roof leaks or a sink overflowing as well as other less common instances. Water damage can also include mildew and moisture, which can damage some areas or items in a home. Most repairs for water damage can be needed by any house, as there are particular areas prone to damage from water. Such areas include the walls, woodwork, the basement, windows, interior plumbing and the roof. Homeowners may consider hiring a professional to help them with most, if not all, of these problems. There are some homeowners who may think they have what it takes to fix water damage. Let’s consider the pros and cons of doing these repairs without professional help.

Mist, frost, and leaks in windows are a common concern in homes. For these concerns, the solutions would either be to install storm windows, check what is commonly referred to as “weep holes” for proper drainage or resetting the storm windows by making sure the window’s screws and frames do not allow for leaks. All of these solutions can be done by an expert DIY enthusiast with expertise in carpentry. For installation of storm windows though, it is very advisable to leave this in the hands of professionals. This task is primary or “foundation” work, not maintenance which would be easy for anyone to do. A storm window that is not installed properly may lead to damage repairs in the future. In contrast, storm windows that are properly installed from the start will not cause homeowners to resort to water damage remediation every so often, and in turn, save in repair costs.

Mildew problems are another concern that most DIY enthusiasts claim can be solved without professional help. Mildew usually wreaks havoc on bathroom tiles, closets, basement walls and exterior walls. The common solution is to install dehumidifiers and vapor barriers, which could be done by an individual. However, most individuals do not have the expertise to know where mildew is hiding and whether materials are actually as clean as they appear on the surface. Professional restoration services can properly assess a situation and if need be call in certified mold remediation companies.

Water damage in leaky roofs and internal plumbing are also very advanced repairs. Most insurance companies require such repairs be performed by a professional. It’s likely the damage will recur if a homeowner tries to solve this problem without professional expertise.

The cost of hiring professionals will in turn be an investment which will save homeowners money in the long term. It is highly advised for homeowners to have professionals fix whatever water damage they have in their homes and save the DIY projects for less cumbersome tasks.